Wednesday, November 19, 2014

| Local gaming & Flash Banging Chinchillas

So I discovered that we have a pretty big gaming-themed store nearby that has a lot of tables even! Although, I'm weirdly kind of being a wuss about not wanting to go by myself. lol Wish I had you guys closer by. Maybe I'll just go ahead and jump in and see what they're playing one of these evenings.

In other gaming news, which is sort of related to work news... I've been switched to nights, so I'm working 6pm to 6am... which means that on my days off, I have to try and stay up as late as possible into the wee hours of the morning. So, I get a lot more "me" time while the family is sleeping on my 'days' off. Been finally catching up on some old Steam-sale games that I just never got around to messing with before. Currently playing Witcher 2 a whole lot, which is a story-heavy RPG fantasy/action game. I'm really quite enjoying it. It's kind of like Skyrim but with better combat... but a more linear/limited map. And, the story is a lot tighter but that comes with playing a singular character for the most part I think. There's a lot of boobies and cussing in it, which.. weirdly is kind of not my thing in games these days, however the rest of the game is compelling enough that I don't really care.

In other work related news, I ran my first SWAT raid at dispatch last night. While the majority of it was unremarkable (outside of me freaking out about keeping up with all the radio traffic and requests on side channels for the first time), there was a funny moment. The bad guy's trailer was breached and flash-banged, then cleared (he wasn't home).. the SWAT guys came on the radio to the commander and said, all clear, except for one flash-banged chinchilla. lol.