Tuesday, June 17, 2014

| Tom Vasel?

That makes sense, I always wondered why he had so much hate for Klaus Teuber's "Abortion".

I never watch videos but I have heard he is overly positive towards games. Recently a super hyped KS for an adventure board game called Myth released and immediately deflated into a real turd balloon because it had badly broken, incomprehensible rules and cards out of the gate. But that guy gave it a GLOWING review. Turns out when the creators of the game teach you the rules, and play it with you, little things like nonsense rules can be swept under the rug...

None of which to say this particular game doesn't look cool! I hope it's a good one.

I just got in a HUGE order of minis from a kickstarter I backed in fucking 2012, before my 10-month-old had been conceived. It was the second or third KS I did and I went a little overboard. It's for Relic Knights, an anime-themed game about stompy robots and cheesecakey anime broads. The minis are decent and the rules actually seem really good,  but when am I going to play it???????