Wednesday, June 18, 2014

| I Have a Few Things to Say

Things that have happened this week:
1. The kids have been relentlessly trying to one-up each other in a challenging cycle of getting sick/being crabby/refusing to eat/fighting bedtime, to the extent we've got maybe 45 minutes of free time per night. That said, they are great kids; that said, Jesus.
2. A lot of those 45 minutes go towards doing after-hours work, since both of us have ridiculous work schedules right now, which will not abate anytime in the long-term future.
3. My dad (who you may remember from elzar's bachelor party) had to have a sizable chunk of lung cut out to excise a tumor, which seems to have been a success, except insofar as
4. He suffered a mild stroke during the procedure. The damage was mild and physical, not mental, and it appears he will be able to fix it up with physical therapy. Still, not a fun few hours there. Additionally:
5. My bipolar, brain-addled-by-long-years-of-drug-addiction half-sister has decided this is the perfect opportunity to go off her meds and onto the warpath, making the entire situation about her and her weird jealousy/resentment issues with my mom, who doesn't really need this kind of shit right now.

So, it hasn't been great.

Minecraft is fun! I would invite everyone to jump on the server (except that NAMBLA guy, wtf?), but I don't remember people's usernames. Text em over to me or post em on the blog and I'll get you on the whitest whitelist in town (not intended in a racial sense, more just in the sense that whiteness represents purity and goodness [did that improve matters?]).

In an attempt to pique Kid the Elder's interest in my nerdy endeavors, I showed her a bunch of my miniatures. Her favorite was the Transverse Enumerator, because she is the robots' friend and has a pretty dress. She was very insistent that "she like go to the zoo," or in other words, that she be constantly placed on the side table by the organic bananas and potato chips. When I eventually put away the T.E. she somewhat angrily demanded to know where she'd gone. I explained that she had gone to bed. She grudgingly accepted this explanation.

Elzar, I don't think being a good storyteller is particularly a skill related to being a good GM, and you are a great GM! I have a great deal more to say on this subject but it will have to wait.

In summary, hang ten brahs!