Tuesday, June 17, 2014

| Tom "The Ectomy" Vasel

aka Tom Poppet, aka Jesus Hitler

Back when the big boardgame explosion was beginning to happen, I listened to the Dice Tower quite a bit.  He was playing like every game on the market and was pretty good with his reviews and why he liked something or didn't.  I bought a bunch of stuff that didn't workout because I eventually learned our tastes were different, so I learned to listen for certain indicators that we would agree, and then only bought those.  Some of those worked out.  Then he started getting notoriety, additional cast on the podcast, and then I started to hate the guy.  Now a days I appreciate what he has done, and continues to do for gaming, but I could care less about his endorsements, and don't know what his opinions are on most of the games that I own anymore.

All that being said, I didn't care if the video was a commercial because I actually got to see the entire game played out in front of me.  I could see the mechanics at work, watch the flow of turns, and see what decisions were being made (and the thinking behind them) in real time.  Whether or not the guys in the game liked the game or not is irrelevant and didn't sway me one way or another - I just liked the way the game flowed and it looks like we would all have some fun!

Also, his not liking something for its human skin theme yet advocating games with murder in them is just religion in a nutshell.  It is what it is, unfortunately.  Boobs on TV, women's rights, swearing in music, fantasy artwork, and gays - no!  War, corruption, tax evasion, crime, pedophilia, and protesting funerals of fallen soldiers/gays/schoolkids/whomever - yes!

PS I'm playing hooky from work tomorrow and Thursday to drive Wy and I down to the beach cities to watch the RB to MB cup parade!  

PPS I have an itch to continue the Minecraft fortress excavation project again.  I'm not sure where the data for that server went, I think it might have gone bye-bye when Minefold folded, so I guess I'll just have to start it again!  

PPPS An anonymous Action Team member asked about if he should get a Minecraft Realms server for all to play on and I said he should!  So maybe I'll wait to start my excavation project over there rather than on the existing server.... DO EET!