Tuesday, June 17, 2014

| all this anger over T. Poppet

That kickstarter game looks pretty awesome. I personally wasn't into watching Tom Poppet (I forget his name - Dice Tower guy) and the others play because it's a paid-to-play deal - I would like it too if I was in the commercial. THAT SAID, it looks like a legitimately fun game, so we WILL make it happen next Cayucos.

I mostly can't stand Tom Poppet over his dumb negative reviews of stuff like Chaos in the Old World - because of the "theme" and how it goes against his missionary priestly beliefs. He plays and endorses all these other games with totally violent themes of WAR and MOBSTER BULLSHIT, but when it comes to "demonic" stuff, forget about it. That's such bullshit. I wish all game boards had human-skin art.

I prefer Wil Wheaton for board-game TV host.

I couldn't wrap my head around Winter Tales from that page, but the components look nice. Let me head over to Dice Tower to watch a vid- FUCK!