Thursday, June 19, 2014

| Hooky

So I took Wy and played hooky from work for the past few days to drive to LA and catch the CUp Parade!

Two years ago Jason May (who is a fire captain in Redondo) got some up close and personal time with the cup just because of where he worked and he knew where the cup would be before other folks did. We thought that might be true again this year so we took our chances.  Well, it started at the RB detective bureau so we walked over to find the whole place on lockdown and a strict "no civilians" allowed stance.  Bummer.

Wy and I walked the perimeter of the parking lot where it was being staged and found a spot pretty close to the armored Cup wagon (some SWAT beast) and got to see the cup come off the bus, watch the players all drunkenly load up in the backs of their trucks, and Brown was nice enough to lift it for us before it was mounted to the top of the tank.

In hindsight, we could probably have been close if we went down to the strand, but fuck that place and those people - we had a great time, and despite not having anything more than my camera phone, I got some nice shots to remember the day.  It was magical enough for me just to see the cup fo reals.

We drove down Tuesday night, crashed at Heather's, ate some food on Wed morning, grabbed some Kings gear from Dick's, drove to Jason's, walked to the Cup, Wy and I hit Pollo Inka, then hit the road to my Aunt's in Santa Barbara for the night, then back on the road this morning at 7am.

A fun, whirlwind trip :)

PS Aging and crazy family sux.  Lo siento, jr0n.