Friday, June 27, 2014

| It's true - liberals get super angry when you reject the metric system

Other ways to get their goat;

- Turtleneck-wearing libs have been pushing the hexadecimal system since the invention of the "computard". They stiffen up and cry like gay babies when you tell them that ten, not sixteen, is the number of fingers on two hands. The only person who'd want 16 fingers is some kind of faggy retard who wants to play two pianos at once.

- Homo-loving liberals literally froth with rage when you put things in a truck and drive those things around. Lily-livered Dems won't stop whining that all freight should be ported in Priuses after being deatomized by unionized, faggot nanobots.

- Plugging implements into a power outlet will really enrage whatever ObamGAY minion you are unfortunate to be around. They probably want, I don't know. Some kind of gay, magnet, solar, liberal, magnet, gay, immigrant, executive overreach, gay, retarded, gay.