Tuesday, June 24, 2014

| Fartz

 - Its an unfortunate truth, like global warming, that farts are just funny (like global warming).

 - That history podcast sounds rad!

 - Can we do Cayucos twice a year now AND Kubla?  Please?!?!

 - I'm getting pretty hot to trot to play Doomtown only because I know that many ATers will also be excited to play and we can FINALLY play an LCG like it was meant to be played!  I mean we get some play outta LotR whenever we bust that out, but it will be fun to watch the story unfold with Doomtown and it will be fun to visit some old mechanics and haunts for me.  I haven't played that since, what, the late 90's at UCLA?  Is that right?

The Premiere edition looks sexy as hell but I understand it will be impossible to purchase unless you luck into it at GenCon.

Anyway, Cayucos already has Doomtown and XenoShyft taking up the schedule of games - let's doo eet!