Wednesday, June 25, 2014

| Gooooooooooooollllll...ooooh my god noooooooo...

It's the zombie apocalypse!  All those futbol fans from all over in one place.  This is how it spreads to the rest of the world people!  The ref should have have given him the red card and shot him in the brains.

Hmmm...  Tell me more about this Doomtown.  Are there saucy elf saloon girls in leather chaps?

Also for Cayucos Con, I was getting an itch to paint up a new team for Blood Bowl.  Maybe Chaos?  Good excuse to buy more minis.  I like this one for the minotaur:


Blood Bowl anyone?

So I recently just found out the guy who made Agricola made a new game, Caverna.  It plays like Agriocola, with dwarves, farming and mines!  I completely missed it.  I think I also saw it at Kubla; which kills me because it's hard to get now.  It's pretty pricey (almost 90$) and the sellers at Amazon are price gouging right now.  Anyone play it yet?  I'm super obsessed with it right now.

Jron - Sorry to hear about your dad.  Here's to a speedy recovery.
I slept in your minecraft bed.  You might want to change the sheets.
Have you played around with the Relic Knights minis?  How good are the sculpts and the plastic?  Is it hard plastic or is it bendy like the Mantic stuff?  I was thinking of picking up a few once they are in the stores.