Tuesday, January 03, 2012

| The Star Wars MMO is really fun.

Super fun. Super-duper fun! I really think you guys would like it.

They looked at what is awesome about WoW, appropriated that, looked at what is not so awesome, made that better, and then updated the graphics. The main improvement being how quest dialogues are fully voiced, with dialogue options. It's kind of a big deal because it really makes you feel like your character is part of the story. It feels like a single-player game within the MMO. Now I don't think the dialogue choices matter THAT much besides giving you lightside/darkside points, but it's still neat to be able to have that little bit of control over what your character does/says.

Other little neat things: when you talk to a quest-giver, it's private. You don't run into that WoW thing where you see an NPC saying to some random, "Hooray Smoxakahk420! You saved Dalaran from the pegasus!" Then you turn in the quest and he says "Hooray Frudo! You saved Dalaran from the pegasus!" They use instances a lot in little ways that work for the story.

Combat is fun! It's a nice change of pace to be getting into firefights instead of melees. (I'm not a Jedi though, presumably they go around lightsabering shit left and right.). Shooting everything with blasters and grenades is awesome! Things blow up nice. Combat is fast paced and super fun (a successful ported from WoW). I've only run into a couple of serious challenges so far, but I've learned to start using all my tools.

That said I haven't been off-planet, or done any multiplayer stuff yet (although it's supposed to be pretty solid). So I dunno if the awesome holds up past the starting planets but so far I gotta say, this is nice.

Only thing I don't like: they got a little lazy with the player races and they are all basically human-sized, human-shaped (easier to do the armor etc. that way). Feels a little weird not to be able to be a Greedo or an Admiral Ackbar. I mean come on, Hammerhead was my favorite action figure, I would totally be an Ithorian.