Saturday, January 07, 2012

| And then there were two!

Nice! Well, hopefully we can pick up another AT member or three. Pump - yes, we'll use Google Hangout for chat, the battlemat will be a Google Doc, we'll use the diceroller I posted the other day and we should be good to go.

I bought... many books from that sale. I think my orgiastic Christmas money spending spree is finally at an end. :) I already had about half of the 3rd ed books, so I picked up the adventure books I didn't have already (for our campaign!) and I didn't have most of the location books either. The pdfs are on sale at drivethrurpg so I picked up the player's handbook from there as well. All I skipped were the Cathay books. I haven't been too impressed in the past by how they handle places outside of Barsaive, and those don't look like exceptions.

I've always really liked the cover art showing Parlainth, and was tempting to pick up a print because I'm trying to liven up the apartment a bit, but Jeebus, $65 is outrageous. Maybe next year.

Pump - I haven't had any queueing so far. The only waiting I had to do was the 12 hours or so it took to download the game. :) I'm on an RP-PVP server, Ajantha Tull or something I think, playing lightside. Let me know if you join the magic and we can team up! I leveled a Trooper to level 10, which is the point where you get a companion, pick up your subclass/talents, start getting crafting skills, and I think get a ship soon. It's a little bit of overload so I may go back and play one of the other classes' origin stories and see how they play.

They just fixed a bug that was pretty awesome. Anytime you were in combat, no matter whether you were fighting the mightiest boss or the wimpiest separatist, if you used the /dance command you suddenly became immune to injury. Dance your way to victory!