Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!

I spent my New Years weekend laid the fuck out with a horrible stomach virus I picked up from my visiting nephew. It affected him a lot worse, little guy. He was in bed for like 4 days miserable watching his sisters and us play and have fun. Then when he got better I got sick and it took me out for about 3 days. SUCKED.

Now I'm better, but goddamn, what a waste of a bunch of days off. I couldn't even play Stone Age. Set it up and got like 2 rounds in and then felt all dizzy and exhausted. That's not even a complicated game!

I'm still ready for a gift exchange! I hope somebody wants Quarriors, haha cuz I got you covered! ;)  (If not I'll find a use for it)

Our tentative wedding date is looking like June 3rd! We're still working out the details (we've got ALL the details to work out, really). Hopefully you'll all be able to make it to SoCal that weekend - once we get our stuff ironed out I'll reach out to you all individually. We're gonna go to Maui for our Honeymoon. It'll be my first trip to Hawaii, so I'm pretty excited. I'll have to visit Ryan if that's the island he lives on.