Sunday, January 01, 2012

| Damn You, Temptress Internet

Happy New Year everyone! Hope it's filled with teabagging, Dirty Sanchezes and whatever all else you deviants enjoy. Alligator Fuckhouse, anyone?

Some decent stuff on Steam today -- Skyrim for $40. The new Deus Ex, which is supposed to be outstanding, is $16.99. Gonna hold off on it for now because I don't have time right now, but that game is definitely in my future. Man the first Deus Ex was good.

I did go a bit old-school and picked up a few older games from for $2-3 each: the Ultima 7 collection, Might and Magic 7 (I didn't even know they made this many games in the series, but I read the reviews and this one's supposed to be quite good), and The Last Express, an really interesting adventure game I missed out on at the time.

For those who like their games old-school, yet completely free, this looks pretty cool. These guys created updated versions of Space Quest 2 and King's Quest 3. Free to download! Tons of unfair ways to perish!

Speaking of which, Dragon's Lair II is total bullshit. Even with the option on to tell you what to do at each move: total bullshit.

Enron, Rude and I didn't do our board game gift exchange yet (decided to make it a New Year's Gift Exchange). So if anyone wants to jump on in there, holler! Maybe someone who sold Agricola before could get it again. ;)