Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fair enough! Yeah I wonder if this one will go F2P. I kind of think it won't for a while, I think the license is probably big enough that it and WoW will be the two subscription holdouts, for another year or two at least. It is stupid that you have to pay for the software and the sub fee, though.

Anyway, hasn't Blizzard been suffering a DDOS attack for over a year? That's what my twitter feed says.

But anyway who gives an eff about any MMO when we could be playing


Let's do this. I built a battlemap in Google Docs that will totally be suitable, so no need for messing around with OpenRPG/MapTools etc. Also found a sweet community dice roller here, so I think we're good to go.

How does a week from Saturday (1/14) sound to people? Say, 2:00? I'm thinking of just running one "Prologue" fight, with some pre-gens, to kick the tires a bit before forcing everyone to roll up guys, and to test out this battlemat nonsense. Then we can make characters (I picked up the pdf of the player's guide) and start a real campaign!