Friday, December 16, 2011

J: Played a little bit of the Old Republic beta and it was pretty fun. I might jump in for a month if enough other people do, but the price ($50-$60 I assume) is kinda tough for me right now, so I dunno. Def don't get it NOW because I hear it's slammed with problems seeing as it's gonna be huge and overloaded for awhile.

E: Fun video review for Band of Brother on the geek. Looks like a lot of fun and the guy is totally pumped about it. You gonna pick that up Erick?

R: Picked up a new boardgame this week called Mondo. Played it a few times with my girlfriend and we had fun. It's a tile-placing game ala the ship building portion of Galaxy Trucker, but you're building worlds and then scoring them. Pretty simple but there's def the chance for depth if you use the advanced rules and options that are present. The worlds also look great when they're done. Pretty cool game, I'll bring it around next meet. I've officially turned my girlfriend into a pretty hardcore board gamer, so every week I'm getting like 5-10 games in! It's kind of intense, haha. She's really into Quarriors right now, but she also digs Agricola and almost everything I've brought around (cept San Juan).

K: illen, Enron. Where are those wedding pics!?