Wednesday, February 11, 2015

| Skull

Got to try out a really fun bluffing game called Skull & Roses last night. I've known about it for a while but never bothered hunting it down. I think it would have done great at Mancon! I'll pick it up before the next big gathering.

Everyone gets 4 coasters in their color, 3 of which have a rose on it, 1 which has a skull. Everyone plops one face down in front of them, then people can start raising the bid or someone can issue a challenge. "I can do it in 3." It goes around the table till people have bet higher or passed. Then, whoever had the final bet, has to flip over X number of coasters around the table. If he can do it without showing a skull, he wins 1 of the 2 points you need to win. If you flip over a skull, you randomly lose 1 of your 4 coasters. Sounds simple, but a big caveat is that you must always flip over ALL of your own coasters first, before dipping around the rest of the table to hit the number you bid.

It was goofy fun and would have fit perfectly in that drunken haze sweet spot we were in most of this past weekend.