Tuesday, February 10, 2015

| Mancon Post Partum

Missed you at the mancon, Jael! You woulda had fun and it wasn't the same without you.

That said, another great mancon in the books. Like every year, I got to try some awesome new games, some duds, and a bunch of games that were supposed to get played but totally didn't. There's always that weird gaming regret thing where you WISH certain games had hit the table (and maybe a few others didn't).

CHEERS: Los Vegas! I knew people would like it, but it's a hard sell, especially since 1. I don't have a legit copy 2. My bootleg copy was left at home 3. We played a copy cobbled together from Pandemic The Cure location tiles, Dave's ugly dice, and Elrock's awesome handwritten money!

JEERS: Pandemic The Cure - I really liked it the couple times I played it at home, but at mancon it fell flat for me. The first time we played it was alright, but I got in a 3 player game with Enron and Elrock, and we probably should have just played more Machi Koro.

CHEERS: Thunder Alley! Way funner than a GMT game should reasonably be, but don't worry, their less than stellar artwork was there. It actually didn't bum me out once we started playing, because it's just a totally fun and awesome racing game.

JEERS: Chili dogs! Enron made us delicious food as always, but I should have limited by chili dog consumption because goddamn, those are still kicking my ass a couple days later.

CHEERS: Telestrations, holy shit. The #1 Laugh-Out-Loud Party Game from USAOPOLY! It could have been horrible, but the first time we played it, I laughed harder than I've probably ever laughed in my life. Playing Cards Against Humanity AT Edition beforehand def helped get us in the mood, but the degenerate drawings that come out of our heads are pretty priceless.

JEERS: Lack of rotistier chickens. Also bummed we didn't play Shadows of Brimstone, IMPERIAL FRIGGIN ASSAULT, and a bunch of other stuff I'm not remembering.

Wish this trip was every 6 months, do it!