Sunday, February 08, 2015

| After Action Report

Good times were had, as were chili dogs! It was great to come up on Thursday for once. Rude - thanks for the rides to and fro, and guys thanks for hauling my shit there and back. Much appreciated.

I highly enjoyed playing Thunder Alley, Cards Action Humanity, Rude's Weird Spy Location Game, Telestrations, Splendor, Puerto Rico, Istanbul, Chaos in the Old World, Pandemic: The Cure, "Los" Vegas, Relic, Mr. Jack Pocket, Doomtown, Dead of Winter, Runewars (although I did not expect it to take TEN HOURS! holy shit!), Telestrations again, and whatever I'm forgetting.

I mildly regret not having played Shadows of Brimstone, Crossfire, Netrunner, Risk Legacy, Small World, Saga (maybe later on in February in Santa Clara?), or seeing what this Arctic Chicken Avengers is all about, plus whatever else you guys think I should regret not playing.

Sorry ya couldn't make it Jael, I missed ya!