Wednesday, May 28, 2014

| Kubla, RPGs, and You

My con gamez played synopsis:

Love letter: always a good time, played it probably 3 or 4 times?

Aliens:  Fought off a TON of bonus bugs and made it through with only the loss of Hudson on like the first turn.  Apone was badass and melee'd aliens off other marines three separate times, the last while carrying an incapacitated Hicks on his back!  This one generated some interest from an early-teen girl that asked what Aliens was, and let us know that the art wasn't very good from the movie that was on the board.  Quit being such a bitch, Hanna Montana.

Claustrophobia: I love this game and wish that I could play it more than once at a time.  It always seems that when it comes out, I need to refresh myself on the (sparce) rules, explain it again, then play, and then pack it up.  I'd like, in all my infinite time, to play like 3 games in a row.  The first scenario is always a bloodbath for the humans but I suspect that after a few plays in a row, some nuances and pacing of the game will be come clear to balance the scales a bit.

LotR LCG: Enron and I had a pretty fun romp through the first mission, again.  Blenron had a preconstructed red deck and I had downloaded a pre-con blue, purple, green deck so it was a nice balance.  The Internet deck was pretty damn cool and showed me that there are a TON of deckbuilding options out there for smart people and I'd like to think I'd get there some day, but for now I will stand on the back of those giants and just capitalize on the decks others make.  Either way, we beat the first mission, despite the ample distractions from Matt and jr0n.  I also think this game suffers from the 'one and done' problem - more games of this in a row would be RAD to understand your decks better, internalize the rules permanently, and to actually play some of the more advanced scenarios.

Formula D:  Fun track that required everyone push it a fair amount.  The way the track was laid out, you couldn't TOTALLY guarantee your next roll would be a safe one, and to a certain extent, to stay in the pack you needed to roll some rather low odds of success, which was fun!  I think we played the track on the back of the first track from Formula De.

Titan - The Areola:  I'm always lukewarm on this one.  It seems fun, then it isn't, then it is, then it gets shelved for 20 years.  The more players there are the more kingmaking and less personal control there is so it becomes less fun, I suppose.  I'd do it again, but would have rather played something else for my second to last game of the con!

Deadzone:  Fun times!  I think I'm finally getting the system down and this time I'm almost certain we played with the doubling/tripling rules correctly!  It was fun to watch all three games happen at once and I liked that we generated a fair amount of interest from outsiders, as well.  In my game, the big story was my melee Enforcer that with some help from some blaze away attempts by his teammate, and a few card plays, cut through 3 opposing Enforcers, including the captain in 'Terminator' armor, like butter - that was fun for me.  It was also fun that the same enforces played the plague on the same terrain the next match and we had some backstory cooked up where the fallen enforcers turned into the plague from the second game!

King of Tokyo: Totally fun, better while drinking, though with the conservative play of Myke, I'm not sure it has legs anymore, or maybe it was always supposed to play like that and we were doing it wrong at first (but having fun)?  Not that healing is bad, but if everyone healed then the game would never end, so as it turns out, the one guy that DOES heal, wins the game while the rest of the gang slug it out.  Dunno, if it comes down to that, then the future of KoT isn't very promising.

The Kings: Fun to watch the whole game with Enron and Myke while playing Love Letter, eating burgs, and drinking 34oz-ers of freedom in Knuckles.  Also fun that they won the game and we had been drinking prior to drinking during the game.

Booze, the Con: Lotta boozin'.  More than I've boozed in a long time.  Fun, but trashed the next morning.  I wonder if that's why I'm sick now or if it was from having a sick person in the room?

Chaos Ball: Fun, after you realize it's not a sports game that can be related to any Earth-based sports game so don't play like it is and that your opponent who has played before (Matt) is intentionally trying to eff with you while you learn the game.  After figuring those two things out, I handed his ass to him and had some fun doing it!  I wanna play again!

Auction, the Game:  Between Matt selling some of my minis (to my surprise) at the fleabag market and the rest of the stuff I put up from auction, I pulled in $450!  Not a bad haul!  And if I never settle up with Enron, it will be like I made almost $650!  All in all, awesome for me!

RPG, the Game:  I didn't play any but now I want to!  Been reading some simple CoC rules and trying to think through what a mini, low-effort to run scenario would look like.  I still like the idea of trying one with the Mythic GM Emulator - a man can dream.