Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I always enjoy your rundowns, Aeryk. I like how Kaosball essentially boils down to "as long as you expect this to be a completely abstract experience, 100% divorced from Newtonian physics, it's great!"

I'd love to give Claustrophobia another couple tries. I think we should try and arrange another game day in the WC soon -- especially since we didn't really play anything together at the con except for filler.

King of Tokyo -- I agree, it was fun at first but I'm done with it now. To the sell pile it goes! It was kinda nice to trot out Titan: The Misleading Box Art for old times' sake, but I think that one is destined for next year's Kubla chopping block as well.

Advanced HeroQuest -- if this shit isn't fun, I WILL KILL YOU! Oh shit, now I'm mad. I downloaded the Terror in the Dark rules, so I'm really boning up on the Quest for the Lichemaster. Funnily enough, all the quest monsters are based off of the MB HeroQuest -- chaos warriors, mummies, etc. Strange.

I was glad to see Space Hulk get some more play, especially a non-Torch the Toilet mission.

Enr0n, a couple corrections to your list: a) I soundly thumped Denis at Deadzone. However, both my wins should have asterisks because I was moving a bit faster with my wall-jumpers than I should've. I honestly think I still would've won because neither of my opponents seemed inclined to use overwatch, which I think is how you defend against that shit, but who can say. Anyway, it's a cool game and I'm looking forward to playing again. b) Mike won Starcraft -- surprisingly, not through turtling, but through zerging. (The cool thing about SC is it does not reward turtling, rare for a 4x wargame.)

I would 100% support more RPGing and tournament style events. If we did nothing but play Call of Chulhu that would be fine with me. Generally I enjoy conventions for the big stuff. Little filler games don't really do anything for me.