Wednesday, May 28, 2014

| Koobla Bits

Photos for those interested (same password as usual, something batman punches the joker into, two words, no space, no caps):

The quick list:

Situation 4, Aaron v Mike. Aaron won
Space Fleet, Mike v Eric v Aaron. Mike won.
Situation 4, Mike v Jon. Mike smoked Jon (under the table)
King of Tokyo, all. Mike won
King of Tokyo, all. Mike won
King of Tokyo, all. Eric won
Hobbit, Mike, Jon, Eric, Denis. Heros won
Hobbit, all. Villains won
Blood Bowl Team Manager, Mike, Eric, Denis, Aaron. Eric won
Kaos Ball, Eric (Trolls), Matt (Goblins). Eric won
Kaos Ball, Mike (Amazons), Denis (Ninjas). Mike won
8 minute Empires, Eric, Matt, Jon, Darren. Jon won
King of Tokyo, all plus Matt and Darren. Mike won
Space Bulk, Denis (Marines), Aaron (Genestealers). Aaron won
Aliens, Eric, Denis, Aaron. Marines won
Claustrophobia, Eric (demons), Aaron (condemned). Eric won
Starcraft, Matt, Jon, Mike. ????
Lord of the Rings LCG, Eric, Aaron. Good won
Quarriors, Matt, Jon. Matt won
Deadzone, Matt (Rebels), Jon (Plague). Jon won
Deadzone, Eric (Enforcers), Aaron (Marauders). Eric won
Deadzone, Denis (Enforcers), Eric (Enforcers). Eric won
Deadzone, Jon (Plague), Denis (Enforcers). Denis won
Netrunner, Jon, Denis. Tied
Love Letters, Mike, Eric, Aaron. Aaron won
Space Bulk. Mike (Gene Stealers), Aaron (Terminators). Mission 2. Aaron won
Love Letters, Jon, Eric, Aaron. Mike won
Titan the Arena, all. Aaron won
Formula D, all. Mike won
Chaos in the Old World, Jon (Slaanesh), Mike (Khorne), Denis (Nurgle), Aaron (Tzeentch). Denis won
Chaos in the Old World, Jon (Slaanesh), Mike (Khorne), Denis (Nurgle), Aaron (Tzeentch). Old World won
Love Letters, Jon, Eric, Denis, Aaron. Mike won
King of Tokyo, Jon, Eric, Denis, Aaron. Denis won
Blood Bowl Team Manager, Mike (Undead), Denis (Chaos), Aaron (Skaven). Denis and Aaron tied

* I am missing the Starcraft game info.
** All = Mike, Denis, Eric, Jon and Aaron.

r00d & Pump: Virgin changed the safety video from the animated instructional video to that silly music video about a year ago. My wife thought the video was neat. Me, not so much, so go figure. She tends to be more inline with what popular culture actually watches much more than my crotchety POV.

With regards to Con booze. Damn we drink too much together. It usually takes me a couple of days to right myself. Always Monday and Tuesday I am in a daze. Didn't help that Mike and I drink a bunch more on Sunday night. Id-jits.