Sunday, May 25, 2014

I had fun! Just got back tonight. Real quick notes:

- I intended to stay there starting Thursday, but Thursday night was more of a (slightly drunken) cameo for me b/c I got a cold. So the real adventure started for me on Friday.
- Convention seemed more crowded this year with open gaming space at a real premium. The flea market looked bananas too. Some of us passed on it this year and we didn't work it.
- Elzar and I dumped our stuff in the auction rather than deal with the flea market. I'm happy enough with the results, and cleared out a lot of shelf and closet space. Big relief.
- No matter how conservative I think I'm being on my food and beverage purchases, I will never consume more than 50% of what I brought at the convention.

Games I remember playing:
- Situation 4 (vs Mike): Weird real-time puzzle strategy game from the '60s? Interesting for sure. I got my butt kicked, would play again.
- King of Tokyo: We played a whole bunch of games of this. Fun filler game.
- Love Letter: Always good.
- Starcraft: Motorbyke, Matt and I played this on Friday. It was rad! Super dense, big-box FFG game with lots and lots of bits, but really satisfying and fun to play. I think we all want to play it again soon so we can build on what we learned.
- Deadzone: So we got three games together and the plan was to have a three round tourney. It was enr0n, me, Aeryk, Pump, Matt, and game group Eric. Instead, enr0n and GG Eric's game went two and a half hours longer than it should have, Matt was so bummed about his crushing defeat (at my hands!) that he went and played another game, and in the end only Pump and I played a second game. Which I won! So I'm the best Deadzone player. It was lots of fun and very pretty.
- Robinson Crusoe: Played this with game group Eric and we actually won! We were stoked.
- Netrunner: Finally got in a game against Denis. I remember why I liked this one back in the '90s now. It was awesome! I really, REALLY want to play this one again. it just struck me as a lot more fun than most other LCG/CCG type games.
- Formula D: Well, I started in last place and moved up to second-to-last, so that's something!
- Chaos in the Old World: We actually played TWO games of this. Both games had some really hard Old World cards come up. In the first, Pump (Nurgle) was left alone, and cleaned everyone's clocks ruining things like crazy. In the second game, we got absolutely Old World card draws so that the various peasants on the board were fucking up our demons and cultists like they were born to it. In the last round Myke was positioned to win, with me and enr0n also having a long shot. In the end I was able to keep Mike from winning, which meant we all lost (the Old World won), which I considered a moral victory.

I'm probably forgetting something. I was really glad to get in a couple burly games, and it was great to see the guys. Wish everyone could have made it!