Friday, August 02, 2013

| Dev Food For Thought - Episode 1

UPDATE:  Rather than clutter this place up, I'm moving my dev dumps to a separate blog.


When inspired with a crazy game mechanic, system, or general game idea, I'm going to jot it down here so I don't lose it either in my brain or on a piece of paper.  Feel free to ignore, or comment, or add, but don't feel like you need to acknowledge or discuss any of these.

Threat Mechanic

When a player does damage to an enemy, the card played should have a damage amount listed and a threat value, the card is then attached to the enemy.  If another player does damage to the same target, the threat value is compared to the current attached threat:

 -  if it's higher, the enemy shifts its focus to the new player (effectively the player just 'pulled' the enemy)

 -  if it is lower, the enemy maintains it's focus on the current player.

Tank roles would of course have abilities that could either immediately pull enemies, or their attacks would have a higher threat to damage value rating (likely healing classes, too).  Damage classes could also have lower threat to damage attacks.

Enemy AoE Abilities

AoE abilities affect all players, unless they have a card in play that states they are out of AoE range.  This would then allow them to only play ranged attacks or equivalent abilities/spells/etc.  Reaction cards ("Dodge!") could cancel or avoid AoE effects.