Thursday, August 01, 2013

| Rise of the Runelords, tell me about it

I'm intrigued! Are you doing the subscription thing? What's the advantage of that -- promo cards or something? How much is shipping? Is it a deckbuilder?

Sentinels was a lot of fun. The art didn't bother me so much -- but I certainly have lower/different standards along those lines -- but can definitely see room for improvement. I love how it seems like a pretty well-balanced game that just works and was very thematic, although it's definitely a little more complex than I thought, since you do need to track when cards come out in order to resolve timing. I LOVE the idea of the LCGs/CCGs though. Tell Sven to work on his LotR deck, or ship out!

What Aeryk didn't mention was that his visit was also the occasion to resolve an obsession of mine and go get a Doritos-flavored taco from Taco Hell. The wife had actually said she'd be willing to try it but there is no way I would submit my unborn child to such a thing. The Cool Ranch taco itself was pretty w/e, but everything tasted exactly like I remember the countless other Mexican pizzas and bean burritos I sucked down in high school/college.

OK guys, who is down for some Star Wars action next week!?? Would either Monday or Tuesday work for an online get-together, say from 8:00-10:00??? Stop me before I run out the world's supply of punctuation marks!!??