Sunday, August 04, 2013

| Pulling an Aeryk (v.)

1. To get so excited about a friend's game that you buy it immediately, along with all expansions, with the side effect of immediately invalidating the friend's copy.

2. To repurchase a game you have previously purchased and sold.


Tuesday's game actually saw an exciting (and I believe unprecedented) Double Reverse Aeryk! Not only did he get so stoked on Sentinels of the Multiverse that he picked it up, I had so much fun playing the Lord of the Rings CCG that I purchased it again today despite having previously sold it off to a guy in the game group. I think enr0n has a bunch of it too, so we'll have to make a date to rub our decks together and see what happens.

Not hearing a lot of enthusiasm for SW-RPG Monday/Tuesday this week (except for Rude, bless his heart), so why don't we try a little advance planning and shoot for next Monday, the 12th? Would that work for people?