Tuesday, August 06, 2013

| Scheduling Wars VIII: A New Borst

OK, so it sounds like it might be best to go for a Saturday game then. I can't play this weekend (in-laws in town), so why don't we shoot for Saturday the 17th, 8 PM maybe? Would that work for folks?

Pulling a jr0n

ANOTHER game Aeryk had mentioned that piqued my interest was the Pathfinder card game. Matt had also mentioned it, so I looked more into it and it does look pretty rad! It's sort of a deckbuilder type game but the hook is that it's heavily RPG themed, with the cards in your deck corresponding to your character's spells, weapons, abilities, etc. You go through adventures in an exended series of sessions (solo or with friends) and as you go your character gains treasures, new abilities etc. that all modify your deck. But your character can also DIE and then you have to start a new one. Oh no! It looks like a great game to play if you can get a group together and play it consistently so you go through the whole campaign together. IE, totally inappropriate for us! I'm getting it anyway of course.

Having this new kid on the way brings me back to all this weird time I had to myself in the middle of the night when the ladyfriend was feeding the baby, which I filled playing solo board games/computer games. I played a LOT of Mage Knight during that time (that's an awesome game that I don't think we've played, beyond one game at Aeryk's where we were extremely tired from drinking and barfing). I guess all these solo card games will help me while away the twilight hours.