Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You can do it, Menis!

Def get your BB team ready to roll, because I think everyone there will be down for some Blood Bowl action. Saga too, because if J-Dawg moves back to the LA area, he'll need someone to play historical battles with.

I saw that card game bundle. Has anyone heard anything about the Mojang game, Scrolls? I remember it being a big deal, because Minecraft, but I'm so out of the video game loop, I know nothing about it. The other thing of note about that bundle is if you pay $35 to get the t-shirt and Star Realms physical set (MSRP ~$15) they have a single alternate-art card for the game. Kinda pricey but it's for charity n all that shit.

PS: Seeing they have that not-great Dominion Online game expansions as part of the bundle, got me to read it's wikipedia page. Interesting background of how he created the game.