Wednesday, January 21, 2015

| battle cribbage

On one of the vlogs I watch at work, they're doing gamer resolutions for this year and a lot of people are also doing the 10x10 challenge (posers). The host brings up that in past years when he's done that, he's sometimes discovered that having to play a game a 6th or 7th time, he'd realize he really didn't like the game that much. Like you can discover that games you imagine you really like, are kind of irritating as you explore them further. I hope we discover some games we didn't know we hate too! (Looking at you, Battle Cribbage).

Then the lady who invented the 10x10 challenge is this year doing someone's 2x2x12 challenge where you play 2 unplayed games twice in a month. She said a similar thing can happen with just a second play of a game, where it goes from liked to unliked. That's too many unplayed games to buy, so I'll stick to 10x10, thank you very much!

Elrock: bring your Cribbage decks and minis! I've never played it, but if it's not too long, it could be fun to try.

GW: Roll a 1 phase, indeed!