Wednesday, January 21, 2015

GW's business model, for at least 15 years, has been laser focused on getting people to spend lots and lots of cash putting together 40K armies, WHFB armies, buying the related rule books ($70+ each), and painting supplies. Anything distracting from that is a non-starter. It's actually somewhat miraculous that they rereleased Space Hulk.

For a long time they had some minimal support through the specialist game subsection on their site but that's gone now.

Their bread and butter is 40K which is still the big dog of minis wargames. WHFB sales have been in the shitter for a long time, though. It wasn't even in the top 5 in the last list I looked at which was for 2013 - I'll add a link when I'm not on my phone but that list had top minis game as
Star Wars X-wing
Star Trek
Hordes (which is the same game as WM so it's weird they're tracked separately but w/e)

Hopefully they release 2014 data soon.