Monday, August 11, 2014

The Mantic games have been pretty cool and this looks pretty. That said, I'm deeply suspicious about it being designed for double duty as an oppositional (Descent-style) game as well as a purely cooperative (WHQ-style) game. It's hard enough to design one good game, so I suspect one aspect or the other will suffer. And I suspect it will be the co-op side, since good co-op dungeon crawls seem to be fiendishly hard to design (see the almost total lack of contenders after WHQ [also, see how the language around co-op is, "play it with your kids!", ie, "this shit will be watered down!"]).

Sooooo, that leads me to believe I'm better off saving my money and just breaking out the Dwaven Forge/tons of minis I already have/Mythic when it's time for co-op dungeon crawling.