Monday, August 11, 2014

| Marketing

I think the "play with your family/friends/gaming group" is more of a marketing ploy by Mantic to make the game more approachable via Kickstarter.  Not everyone who uses KS is a nerd and some folks might be swayed by the 'play with gramma' angle vs just super-nerd pitching.

At least I hope I'm right and you're wrong :)  It is the same guy who designed Deadzone so I suspect there will be some pretty good meat to the game, and the alpha rules are out, and Mantic was pretty good about listening to tester/player feedback with Deadzone so if the community find any holes or decides the who thing is shit, I would hope Mantic would make the appropriate changes/tweaks, but in your defense jr0n, the AI rules/deck for Deadzone still hasn't been shipped so maybe this guy is teh sux0rz at AI driven stuff.

And in defense of a more simpler game, a la Warhammer Quest, I'm in!  I like having fun and drinking beer at the same time so something less Descent-y and more WQ-y I'm a fan of.