Sunday, August 10, 2014

| Monetize The Action Team

We should try and monetize our blog.

Not because we think we are important, not because we think we will be millionaires, but because it might be a fun project, we might get some loot out of the deal, we might be able to affect/influence others, we might be able to build a fun community, and it might be neat to see if we COULD do it.

I'm looking at how 'professional' blogs make money, and really for that matter how websites make money, for a project that some of the moms on our street might be undertaking (answer: a mom blog) and it got me thinking about the AT.  We are funny, we have our niche, we have experience in our niche that should lend some credibility in our posts (not that we are authorities, but we would have something to say with historical comparisons/experiences), we have our opinions, we have diverse lifestyles and tastes, and I think with a little effort we could adapt our loosely structured communications blog into something that someone in the world might want to pay attention to or at least read on the shitter between pushes or on their favorite RSS reader while commuting to work.

I have familiarity with sort of the ins and outs of SEO, traffic generation, keywords, backlinks, etc. but am NO WAY a master, or even experienced, but I would like to try and would love for any other AT'er to also spend some free time learning, sharing, and trying stuff out with me (above the belt, gentlemen).

"The Electric Cardboard Mayhem" was the podcast that R00d and I did a heck of years back, and it was totally fun!  We actually had listeners (its true, we got emails!) and it was fun to sort of give back to the community at the time.  If we could do something similar, keep some sort of cadence, schedule, and plan in mind, we might be able to do something pretty cool, build a community, and have an excuse/reason why we CAN'T miss our Thursday night Microscope session because we HAVE to blog about it for our Friday Microscope recap!

We would of course need to change everything about how we currently blog: the software, the hosting, the layout, etc., but that's the easy part!

I dunno.  You guys are smart and funny and I think with a little discipline we could finally do something cool together.  At the worst we are out of some free time and at the best, who knows?

Thoughts?  Email or text is probably a better medium, but posting works too and I figured I'd start here!