Monday, August 18, 2014

| My foot hurts

You know what really sucks?  Stubbing your toe so hard on your luggage for a trip you're about to take that you break it.  The toe, not the luggage.  Then what sucks even more?  Running the length of Schiphol airport to make your connection to Nairobi on said toe, only to be told that there's a problem with your ticket, and could you please hold on, meanwhile they're closing the gate and the plane is pulling away and the next flight is in 10 hours.  Oh, and sorry.  You're going to have to take that flight.  And the internet here is slow as balls on ice.  (that's slow, for those who don't know)

But damn I've got a gruesome blue-black toe with a vicious bruise inching its way up my foot.

My ridiculous 3-days-in-Africa for reeeelly important meetings trip just became even more ridiculous.  I am now spending almost exactly the same amount of time in transit as I am in meetings, and I'm missing the meeting I'm supposed to present at, compliments of KLM's incompetence. 

But hey, I got to see Hunger Games and the Lego Movie on the plane!