Wednesday, August 20, 2014

| Electric Cardboard Mayhem - Under Constructions

Sup fellas.

So, Electric Cardboard Mayhem is live!  And by live I mean there is a hosting package that is currently hosting a website, but it is totally not ready for launch.

Learning how to make the Wordpress theme do what I want and learning about all the plugins, etc. has been challenging but fun.  I have some dummy posts, images, etc. up there just to learn how it all works and am still figuring out how I think it should all look/feel.  There's lots I can configure, I just need to figure out what it is we should do!

Please, have a look, give me some ideas and I'll do what I can to integrate, but I can't work magic and might not be able to figure out how to do it right now.

To Do list:
 - Create tags
 - Play with different types of posts and plugins (ex. review plugin allows for star ratings, etc.)
 - create user accounts for everyone and upload pictures
 - figure out layout
 - about us page (which I would LOVE to have some sort of edit from jr0ns documentary, but I might just post the YouTube one Rude made?)
 - terms and services/privacy policy
 - Figure out how to overrule the fonts and play with them
 - mailing list
 - continue with post ideas

Done list:
 - hosting
 - domain name
 - twitter account (@cardboardmayhem)
 - dust off my twitter account (@biggdork)
 - pick a theme
 - started gathering affiliate programs (drivethrurpg, gog, amazon, funagaingames, nobleknight so far)
 - SEO process for postings
 - general SEO
 - google analytics
 - google adwords
 - the list goes on and on and on...

We're getting there!