Monday, August 18, 2014

It's not an especially great title. Actually, the fluff in general is a bit jargony.

There's no reason you couldn't break the information in the app out into cards, track the damage and all the effects physically, print a rulebook and play purely tabletop. Right now they have the ability to release errata and new scenarios straight into the app, so you'd need to start maintaining that separately. For the hardened tabletop wargamers, this might even be preferable. However I think the whole point of the enterprise is to streamline the wargame experience, so I doubt they'd support it. Maybe some crazed fan will do it (eyeballs Xander).

I think the game you must have been discussing was In Exilis, an experiment along similar lines that was a bust -- I don't know anyone that played it. Another experiment is FFG's upcoming XCOM board game which uses an app as the enemy AI player. It seems to function like a less berserk Space Alert. FFG has the dough to throw at experiments like this, so if XCOM is a hit I'm sure we'll start seeing more things along these lines.

Sorry about the travel woes Xander!