Sunday, May 18, 2014

| TV, or MMMM Consumption

True Detective's 8-episode run has been over for a awhile now, but we just started watching it again. 4-episodes down, it's a pretty awesome show! It's like a REAL slow burn, so it was tough to get through the first couple episodes, but it's getting pretty gnarly. I've avoided spoilers to this point, so it's gonna be fun to get through the rest. HBO GO peeps, watch that shit.

Also, Silicon Valley is super funny. I think it's also only 8-episodes but they're 30 minutes, so that can probably be binged in a night or two.

I don't know if any of you have Showtime, but they've got a good new show called Penny Dreadful. Set in Victorian England, it's very similar to League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in that it mashes-up literary characters into one story, but it's pretty friggen dark and scary. There's some Dracula, Frankenstein, and Dorian Gray characters in there, but it's not as wink-wink as the League books. Only 2 episodes have popped so far, but they're GOOD. There was this long seance scene at a high society party where the shit got real, and it was just awesomely tense. And for you Dr Who fans, one of his companions is on the show playing a hooker with consumption - so there's some hot sex/bloody-coughs scenes for your enjoyment. MMMM, consumption.

Or go outside and ride a bike, you couch potatoes.