Tuesday, May 20, 2014

| Kublanity...

...is not a very good conjunction between Kubla and Insanity.

Quick! Someone (Enron) get some Google Glass and we'll live-stream the whole thing!  We can output sound to some neck mounted speakers and attach a boom mic to Enron's head so that no audio will be missed!

Lifetime Passes as 40th BDay Gifts

So, I have a plan for all of us to get a Kubla Lifetime Badge, all for the low, low price of a full-price Kubla Lifetime Badge (deferred)!  Hear me out.  Sure, we could all blow our money and each get a badge ourselves, but then many of us would need to explain that one away to our significant others and tell our kids they can't eat this month because daddy spent the money on a shiny piece of plastic that can only be used once a year... so no one wants to do THAT, right??

So instead, as each of us turns 40 (yes, there would be at least one retro purchase :) ) we buy pool our money and buy each other a pass as a birthday present!  In the long run, we would all be spending the same as if we bought one ourselves BUT instead we did it for each other! Pals!

I broached the subject with the Mrs. sometime ago and she was totally, 100% on board with it.  It might help that she just turned 40, so she gets it, but either way - success!

Now we just need to decide who's in, and who's out, then sign a pact and enjoy!

Also, this

Dark Dungeons trailer

It's pretty good!


And I wonder if blackleafgames.com will now be worth millions on the resale market.  Thank you, Jack Chick!