Saturday, June 15, 2013

Oh man, movies! Enjoy 'em while you can, as you know I used to watch a TON but those days are kinda no more. :) I've only seen three movies in the theater in the last 20 months I think (Avengers, Batman the Third and Looper the First). Although since you've got family around, you might be able to slip out here or there. Anyway, there's a couple I'm hoping to get out and see. Elysium looks cool, and I'm hopeful about Pacific Rim, although Guillermo del Toro tends to be hit and miss. (Well, Blade II was pretty great. Not kidding.)

Upstream Color/Primer -- haven't seen either of these yet, wanna.

Benny Hill -- haha. I definitely understand where both you guys are coming from. There are certainly some amazing shows that don't click with me for whatever stupid reason where I could probably watch the Yakety Sax version and be satisfied. BSG and Breaking Bad being the two examples that immediately jump to mind. And yet, if Aeryk were to jump on and say, "I went ahead and watched the Benny Hill version of The Wire. Eh, wasn't that good, but I thought the parts where they were moving around really fast were funny," I would honestly be hurt.

Yay, Father's Day weekend! Time to go to work.