Saturday, June 15, 2013

| Movie Time

We've been on a movie going spree of late, so here's some quick reviews.

Fast & Furious 6 - Good times. Maybe not as good as number 5 in a lot of ways, but the banter between characters was more balanced. It wasn't all Vin & Paul Walker this time - the whole crew got a chance to shine. Also more ridiculous car racing than number 5. The standout silly "boss fight" at the end of the movie took place on the world's longest airport runway. They're trying to stop this plane from taking off so they've got their cars racing around the wheels and The Rock and Vin get on the plane to do fisticuffs with the bosses. The whole scene is like 25 minutes long. During that time this plane is going fast enough to almost take off, so I've seen some rad charts on the internet where they showed that the runway would have to be about 28 miles long for that to work. Other rad thing about the movie is that it ends and basically leads into Fast & Furious 3: Tokyo Drift. So FF3, which had a whole new cast, is actually AFTER FF4-6. Confusing! But they tied it together really well. Dudes, these movies have a crazy mythology! I highly recommend if you've been writing them off all these years.

This Is The End - Saw this last night. It was really funny. Not perfect or anything, but if you like all those Apatow kinda funny dudes, you'll like it. VERY CRUDE. Like, crazy crude at times, but nothing the Action Team couldn't handle. Danny McBride is amazing and he basically plays himself just like Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down.

Superman - Didn't see it. Also, you're not supaman.

Star Trek - Don't remember if I mentioned it, but it was cool. It's been a while since we saw it, and it's lost some of it's shine in my memory. No heart like the old shows, but still pretty cool. Maybe it feels to actiony/frantic.

There's so much shit coming out these next few weeks. Even though it didn't review great, I want to see The Purge. Also World War Z, Bling Ring, fuckin' Supes of course.

IOS - Agricola came out. Looks really nice. Bought it day 1 but haven't played through even the tutorial yet. Hope I like it!

Wow - Harrison Ford looks older than shit!