Wednesday, June 12, 2013

| I Kinda Feel Like a Dick

For seemingly not caring about the significance of the Red Wedding.  It's like I'm purposefully minimizing the impact it had on the GoT fans by a) only watching the Benny Hill version, b) not recognizing the actors (well not all of them, I did see Robb in there...), and c) not being shocked by what I did see and did recognize.

I totally understand and would be equally mad if anyone pulled that shit on something that I liked.  The thing is, George set the table for a series where anything goes, and you can't get too comfy with any characters because likely they will die anyway, so when it happens in 'dramatic' ways it feels expected for me.  I've also lost my connection to the series since I fizzled out on SoS about 5 years ago, so it's easier for me to look at the series and events with a more clinical eye.

All that being said, Leslie and I have started re-watching the first season and intend to buy the second on Amazon, and I have also re-started SoS so that I can get back in the fun!