Saturday, June 30, 2012


Just saw this 'indie' flick last night with the wifey. Pretty good! We laughed a lot. Pretty funny to see a big screen movie created out of what started off as an internet joke / meme. See: SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED Only semi-gripe I had about the movie was that they didn't include "Take It To The Limit" in the movie someplace. Would have been an epic tribute. Even if it was just playing on the radio in the background in some scene, or maybe as the credit-theme. Anyway, would recommend! In other news, had my remaining wisdom tooth removed yesterday morning. I was prepared for the worst (it had a cavity and significant decay, so all the dentist people were talking about possible fracturing / splintering and other negatory shizz). When I sat down, the dude numbed me up with a few shots (NEVER works the first attempt for me, but this guy was nails). Then, he says, "well, let's try some pressure on it and see what we get!" (cue the pliers). One quick grip/tug here, another quick tug there and he pulls the pliers out.. I'm thinking great, gonna have to get in there with a pair of pliers and a blow torch. But no! He says, "Well, that's it!" Me: "..." lol. He said he could put it back in and take it out again if I wanted more show for my money and I told him no thanks, lol. Been popping L-Lysine amino acids like candy (amino acid your body uses to repair soft tissues). Haven't had to take any pain pills except a couple of tylenol yesterday afternoon. The worst part about the whole thing has been the restricted food list. Couldn't eat anything but cold liquids the first 24 hours.. so I put down 1 x 32oz chocolate-espresso shake in about 5 minutes, then we stopped at the next coffee shack (they're everywhere here, lol) and got another one, this time without any caffeine (downed three shots' worth in the first one, haha). This morning I got some oatmeal and I just had a snack of soft crab meat. Finally, some real food. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.