Monday, June 25, 2012

| Back from the Beach

Just got back from Kauai last night and I'm already back to work! Honeymoon was great. We over indulged in food and drink almost every night, but we also did a f-ton of activities. That place is rad and if it wasn't so damn expensive to fly out there, I'd love to go a lot more often. Meth is a scary drug, and hey, you get to see it's effects all over the place. Ryan, how's the Hawaiian Ice situation over in Maui? There were times where you'd feel equally uncomfortable from super rich golf dudes and then super sketchy meth peeps. Fun time!

Thanks for making the wedding super awesome everyone! Thank you all for the sweet gifts and great company. Aaron, your pics came out awesome. You should do that stuff full-time!

My mind is still super sun-burned but life will settle back into some kind of normaltude sooner or later. We're  moving in a few weeks, so that's the next crummy adventure. THEN I hope things settle down.