Saturday, June 30, 2012

| It's quiet... TOO quiet.

(Rocket explodes)

What all are people up to? Radio silence lately.

Brief updates:
* Infant is crawling. Jeebus.
* Work is crazy. Oy.
* GenCon is right around the corner. Hooray!
* Thinking about picking up an airbrush to expedite painting my sweet, sweet minis. Fsssssh!

That pretty much covers it.

Anyone sign up for this Kickstarter for Mike McVey's new minis boardgame? It's 40x past its goal, the stretch goals just keep getting blown through, and now there's now just a LUDICROUS amount of stuff in the box. Something like 99 pretty nice minis in the base box right now, and who knows what all they'll throw in at the last second.