Friday, October 03, 2014

| Who likes some good bad post apocalyptic fiction?

I'm finishing up a trilogy that I bought on a recommendation from Amazon that had a totally undeserved very high rating (last time I listen to you, Amazon!): Extinction Point.  It is the worst book I've read in recent memory that I actually enjoyed.  It is GRIM.  In short: alien goo rains all over the planet, everyone dies except a tiny, tiny number of survivors, hijinks ensue.  It's maybe "young adult" fiction, and so much about it is so annoying (the guy very obviously did not have an editor, or at least not a sentient one), but...  I can't put it down.

And I want to know if there are any of you suckers out there who'd be willing to risk your sanity to try it out.  Hey, maybe I'll have someone to talk about it with?  I'm not sure Green Apple would take it for trade, so you guys get first dibs.  Who's keen on trying out some really bad, totally awesome post apocalyptic fiction?  At the very least, if you read it too, you can mock me for my absurd taste in books.