Monday, September 22, 2014

Yes, an interactive novel with periodic combat breaks is exactly how I'd describe Shadowrun as well. Wasteland 2 is basically the exact opposite of that. It's a long, crunchy, gnarly, easy-to-fuck-up game. One of the first things you do is decide which of two settlements to help, and while I'm not sure, I -think- the one you don't help gets wiped out of the game permanently.

Xander, I took the liberty of examining your steam history and it looks like you played Wasteland 1 and Wasteland 2 for .1 hrs each on July 25th. Definitely give Wasteland 2 at least another 6 minutes before making a final judgment! As for Wasteland 1, it was a good game back in the day, but a little hard to approach these days unless you've got the nostalgia thing going.

Pump - yes, they sent out Steam keys MONTHS ago, back when the game was in alpha. I don't exactly remember how it worked. I think you had to sign in to Humble or something like that. You probably better figure out that Kickstarter email thing, unless you just like the feeling of throwing your money into a dark hole! (Well, even more than Kickstarter normally is. :) )