Sunday, September 21, 2014

I've put a few hours into Wasteland 2 (second major area), and so far I'm digging it! It's very similar to the Fallout series, except that you run a full party rather than managing one character assisted by NPCs. The character creation is pretty hardcore, and I'm kind of nervous that I've already made critical mistakes that will mess me up dozens of hours into the game (it's like 70+ hours long). We'll see. Here's the gang of four. I randomized each one's appearance and took the first thing that came up each time:

Hemo's the leader. As befits his high charisma, he wears a cowboy hat and a low-cut rubber top. He's incredibly slow and not a great shot. He was the first man to go down in combat and slowly bled out after the combat, the rest of the team ruing the fact that Hemo was the guy with the medical abilties. Whoops, time to reload!

Ragnar is the (so far) largely ineffective pistol/bladed weapons guy. Pistols may look super dope, but they aren't really the way to go in a world full of shotguns and assault rifles. Might need to burn some skill points and switch him to SMGs. He has managed to pull off some sweet computer hacks using tips he learned from his buddy Cythrax.

Steve (I'm Steve) is a laid-back dude who claims to have psychic powers. Which don't exist in this game, but nobody minds because he doesn't make a lot of fuss, just chills out and blasts people into gel with energy weapons. He also once convinced a giant mutant frog to be everyone's friend. He's OK in my book!

Deaf-Mute is probably the MVP of the team. He charges in balls-out with his shotgun and blasts everything apart, and always survives except when Hemo shoots him in the back. He also is the bomb squad for the frequent booby traps the team comes across. He sometimes even succeeds at disarming them!