Friday, March 28, 2014

| And Hilarity Ensues

Update to headset issue:  None.

It started crashing single player too.  So i effed around with some settings, updated drivers for sound card component and mobo, still crashed out.  Played with some more setting, now it seems to work.

Hilarity update:  I did a quick convoy heist that was successful.  During the lockbox cracking, I found some secret gov't plans that were for a turret.  After the heist ended, I didn't get paid but instead had to do a train robbery for the turret.  Long story short, I quit after about 40 minutes of game time...

Access the map from a river in a valley, work your way up a ravine to some steps that lead to a long train.  three train cars need to have their doors drilled, then once inside you need to run back into the ravine for an airdropped chemical drill, then you need to drill internal vault doors until you find the turret, then you need to break down the turret into three pieces which you then need to hump back down to your entry point, mind you the turret parts slow you down as if you were hauling gold.  After cracking 3 train doors, and two vault doors I finally found the turrent, broke it down and hauled one piece to the escape boat only to find that the cops had stolen the other bagged turret parts and hauled them WAY THE FUCK OUTTA THERE, I quit since I didn't have another 40 minutes to try and get them back.

I'd love to do this one in a group, but stumbling into it solo was a joke.