Thursday, January 16, 2014

| Warhammer Disk Wars

I bought this game with relatively low expectations since I remember the first Diskwars being a solid 'meh' in my book.  I was ready to be totally underwhelmed and figure I just flushed some cash down the drain in a semi-calculated risk.  Boy, was I wrong!

I've only played one game with myself, and all I can say is 'wow!'  It is fast, brutal, innovative, clever, and pretty deep once you get stuck in.  Not knowing anything about strategy or the system I just sort of set up my dudes and went at it.  Each move I made I started to see how I could have done it better, or timed it differently, or rather moved this piece later, or earlier, etc.  Once I got into combat, I again saw that had I been cognizant of this certain ability or that attack/defense score, I would have timed the combat differently.  All of which left me thinking about the game a fair amount after I packed it up.

It moves very fast, surprisingly fast, which is a great thing because it seems like you could get a bunch of games played in a sitting and really try some stuff out.  It also means that if you get slaughtered for whatever reason, you don't have that much invested so you're not crying about it (well, I'LL cry about it, but that's just me...).

One of the neat little meta-game mechanics is that you have a deck of activation cards that you only hand-pick ~4 for each game.  The cards have a combination special ability, number of pieces you get to move, and then a rock/paper/scissors mechanic to determine which player moves their pieces first that turn.  The first round will be a total surprise because no one knows what the other person chose, but then subsequent rounds you will sort of start guessing and planning and trying to maneuver your cards against your opponent to get the upper hand.

All in all, I'm super duper looking forward to playing it with someone at Cayucos and am already REALLY looking forward to some expansions!

Someone else should pick up a copy for Cayucos so we can combine and have some additional army building options!

Doooooo eeeeeeet!