Thursday, January 30, 2014

No sale, since I'm still playing the game you posted about a few days ago. :)

I read about this guy's take on sales a couple days ago. It's his game, and it's totally possible he knows something about the economics of indie game development that I don't, but it seems misinformed to me. There are a TON of games that I never would've bought on Steam if they hadn't been discounted down to "don't even think about it" prices. It's not like this is a physical product that costs x per unit to manufacture so you need to make y% gross margin. Volume is good. And yet there are still games I buy at full price at launch when I'm excited enough about them. (The nearest candidate being Thief 4, provided the reviews are halfway decent, I'm in.) With rare exceptions I don't feel burned when those are later discounted. People pay more money for shiny new stuff than they do for old stuff, that's just how it works.