Friday, October 16, 2015

I introduced the wifey to Ticket to Ride board game, then we discovered the app was way easier to get through a game.  Got Europe and Switzerland too, but the OG one is still the best (USA, all the way!).  Apparently there is a Pennsylvania expansion version?

Since Days of Wonder produces some good games, we decided to go all in and get Gang of Four (which we can't play, because we are a gang of two) and we got Pirate's Cove, which we sadly discovered is a 3+ player game.  Oh well.  I taught her Cribbage and Gin, so we can play that too.  Any other suggestions to wet our appetite? Preferably 2+ players?

I have to write 45 grade reports this weekend, which is brutal. This consists of basically writing 500 word explanations of the grades that kids got and how they can improve. I have probably cried about that to you guys in the past. :'(